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Fluid sampling methods for your predictive and preventive analysis programs

What is a Representative Fluid Sample?

  • A sample that is taken from the same point in the system each time.
  • A sample that contains no external contaminants. If there is dirt or water present you want to be sure it came from inside the unit not from the environment.
  • A sample that is at or near operating temperature while the unit is running.
  • A sample that has been extracted prior to filtration except where you are evaluating filters using a particle count, then samples are taken before and after the filter.
  • A sample should be extracted on a scheduled basis so that a trend can be established and evaluated.


For all pressurized systems, especially for systems on a PDM program.


For pressurized mobile equipment.

Vampire® pump

For gears and manual transmissions.

All of these methods will provide representative samples.

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Our Products


QuickDraw™ was designed to provide the best sample possible. The tube is smooth clear plastic, assuring that no particles will be trapped in the tube. The needle and shaft are sized to permit the largest particles (2000 microns) to pass through to the jar. For particle counts and ferrography this can be critical.

QuickDraw™ consists of a disposable cap/tube/needle assembly.

QuickDraw™ is used with the Fluid Valve.

Each cap and tube is checked for cleanliness before and after assembly.

Fluid Valve

1/8" and 1/4" NPT available in brass and stainless steel.

7/16" SAE with o'ring available in brass.

Each valve is checked for leaks upon manufacture.

Fluid Valve should be installed prior to the filter to obtain the best sample.


RedCap is recommended for diesel engines. It provides a fast safe sampling method. It is permanently installed in a pressurized system and the sample is extracted by opening the dust cap and filling the sample jar directly.

1/8" and 1/4" NPT available in brass.

RedCap should be installed prior to the filter to obtain the best sample.

This method does not require the cap/tube/needle assembly.

Vampire® pump

The Vampire® pump attaches to your jar, a tube is inserted through the pump into the jar. Pumping action draws the sample into the jar.

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Fluid Sampling Valves used with QuickDraw™ Sampler

NPT Brass Valves

1/8" NPT Part #01-BV-18002
1/4" NPT Part #01-BV-14001

Quantity Pricing
<250 $16.15
<500 $15.65
<750 $15.10
<1000 $14.63

Stainless Steel NPT Valves

1/8" NPT Part #01-SS-18002
1/4" NPT Part #01-SS-14001

Quantity Pricing
<100 $44.57
>100 $40.57

SAE Brass Valves with o-ring

7/16" SAE Part #01-BV-71601

Quantity Pricing
<250 $16.27
<500 $15.86
>501 $15.52



QuickDraw™ Part #03-QD-78001

Quantity Pricing
<500 $1.64
<1000 $1.59
<3000 $1.53
>3000 $1.49

QuickDraw™ with 4oz. jar

QuickDraw™ with 4oz. jar Part #03-OJ-78003

Quantity Pricing
<1000 $3.14
>1000 $3.08

Orders above 50 are bagged in 50s or per order in bulk. QuickDraw™ cap/tube/needle assembly is disposable and used with the sampling valves.


RedCap NPT Brass Valves

1/8" NPT Part #01-RC-18005
1/4" NPT Part #01-RC-14006

Quantity Pricing
<250 $30.90
<500 $30.65
<750 $30.30
<1000 $29.57

Individual Items

Vampire® pump

Vampire® pump Part #38X


4oz. Plastic Jars

4oz. Plasitc Jars Part #03-J-78004


100ft. Roll of Tubing

100ft. Roll of Tubing


Terms are net 30 days. Shipping via UPS, charges are billed to you. All of our products can be purchased by calling 1-800-443-2412, Fax: 1-785-621-4676, or by mail to: P.O Box 1840, 1051 Emmeram Road, Hays, KS 67601. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express accepted.

Price list effective as of 12-01-2018

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